Community Education Award Program

Improving Resident Education Surrounding Carton Recycling

The Carton Council Community Education Award Program is designed to incentivize improved resident education surrounding recycling, with a focus on food and beverage carton recycling. Up to 25 communities from across the U.S. can sign up to participate and will be awarded $2,000 after demonstrating their work in educating residents about recycling, with special attention to carton recycling.

Who is eligible?

We welcome any entity or organization that is authorized to educate residents about their local recycling program.

  • Community or county recycling departments and solid waste authorities, haulers or materials recovery facilities (MRFs).
  • Food and beverage cartons must be accepted in the local recycling program.
  • SROs are not eligible to participate but still play an important role in helping to make their constituent communities aware of the opportunity.

Steps to Participate

Below are the steps to guide you through the submission process:


Check Local Program

Confirm food and beverage cartons are accepted in your local program.



Fill out the Registration Form online here or email to


Conduct Education Activities

Within nine (9) months of registering, participants must complete education and communications activities, ensuring food and beverage cartons are promoted.


Update Website

All participants must update their website using Carton Council best practices to include food and beverage cartons as a recyclable material. Local websites are a top place residents look to determine recyclability of a package (along with the packaging itself). Websites must accurately and clearly convey that food and beverage cartons are accepted and should be recycled.


Share Example Communication Activities

Participants must complete and provide examples of at least two other communications activities from the list of activities below. Activities can promote all materials accepted, but food and beverage cartons must be prominently represented. Activities should take place within the participation year.


Complete Submission Form

A submission form will be provided to capture your education activities. This must be completed within nine months of registering for the program.

Communication Activities Examples

  • Social Media – Examples of social media to engage residents and educate them on what and how to recycle, including cartons.

  • Events – Virtual or in-person events designed to educate and promote recycling to residents, including cartons.

  • Earned Media – Articles in local media that promotes recycling and accepted materials, including cartons.

  • Marketing Materials – Items such as direct mail, bill stuffers, bin stickers, refrigerator magnets, brochures or other marketing initiatives that promote recycling, including cartons.

  • Advertising or Public Service Announcements – Paid or donated space or time that promotes recycling, including cartons.

  • Other – Any other activity not already described that is used to promote local recycling, including cartons.

Register and participate

Below you can find more information about the Carton Council Community Education Award Program and register to participate to receive $2,000 for the work in your community educating residents about carton recycling.