Our Mission

We are dedicated to establishing a robust and sustainable infrastructure for food and beverage carton recycling in the United States.

We work toward increasing both access to carton recycling and participation in carton recycling rates to divert valuable cartons from landfills, so they can contribute to the circular economy.

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Who We Are

What is the Carton Council?

The Carton Council is a coalition of four leading carton manufacturers who work in collaboration with stakeholders across the recycling value chain, including local governments, schools, sorting facilities, end markets, brands and consumers, to develop infrastructure for carton recycling and educate consumers on how they can recycle their cartons.

We are committed to further increasing carton recycling access and participation to keep these valuable materials in the circular economy, preserve natural resources, reduce climate impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Since the Carton Council formed, access to carton recycling and the recycling rate of cartons has more than tripled in the U.S., underscoring our unwavering commitment.

The State of Carton Recycling
Member Companies

Our History


Carton Council
is born

Major producers of carton packaging across the world came together with a commitment to increase access and awareness of carton recycling in North America. Within a year, Carton Council began to implement its plan.


Paper Stock Industry incentivizes carton recycling

The trade group overseeing recycled paper materials, the Paper Stock Industry, recognizes the value of cartons as a source of material for the recycling industry and encourages even more recycling centers across the nation to include cartons by granting them a new grade: ISRI Grade No. 52.


Major increase in access to carton recycling

Thanks to years of hard work, more than half of all U.S households have access to carton recycling, a 217% increase in less than a decade.


Carton recycling reaches the 60% access milestone

With over 60% of U.S. households able to recycle cartons in local programs, cartons can now carry the standard “Please Recycle” logo according to the Federal Trade Commission green guidelines.