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The Carton Council Announces New Sustainability and School Recycling Leader

The Carton Council of North America is pleased to announce the appointment of Lynn Dyer as vice president of sustainability and school recycling, and Carton Council board member.

Dyer is the chief sustainability officer at Carton Council member company Pactiv Evergreen. Prior to that, she served as president of the Foodservice Packaging Institute.

“Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge in the packaging industry, particularly surrounding food and beverage packaging,” said Ed Klein, Carton Council President. “We are delighted to have her deep knowledge and expertise. In her new role with the Carton Council, we look forward to her support in our ongoing efforts to increase carton recycling. She embraces our strategy of working with all entities throughout the recycling value chain to recover valuable materials, including communities, recycling facilities and end markets.”

In addition to bringing her expertise and relationships to all facets of the Carton Council efforts, Dyer’s role will focus on further strengthening school carton recycling programs nationwide. More than four billion milk and beverage cartons are consumed in schools each year, with the average U.S. school of 545 students consuming around 75,000 cartons a year. Approximately 11,200 carton recycling programs are operating in schools across the country.

Made mostly of paper, a renewable resource from well-managed forests, cartons contain some of the highest-value fiber in the recycling value chain. When recycled, cartons can have a second life as paper products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, paper cups and office and writing paper. Additionally, cartons play a vital role in a growing manufacturing industry where they are used to make sustainable building materials.

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